Madrid, enero de 2021

Dr. Cristina Grasset
Ms. Barbara García Menéndez

This is the sixth issue of the study of the economic impact of international students in Spain first launched by the Association of North American Programs (APUNE) in 2006. In this edition we have continued to incorporate educational categories to include US study abroad, Erasmus+, language and culture, undergraduate, graduate, and the Instituto Cervantes’ programs.



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Publicado en febrero de 2018 por Spain Education Programs (SEP), tiene sus antecedentes en anteriores trabajos de investigación fechados en 2006, 2009 y 2014. Este interesante estudio sobre el impacto económico de los estudiantes internacionales en España, tiene en cuenta los diferentes países de procedencia de los estudiantes que durante la última década han elegido como destino nuestro país para cursar programas lingüísticos y culturales, estudiantes Erasmus y estudiantes procedentes de USA, entre otros. La publicación analiza sobre todo el impacto económico que se genera en torno a los múltiples sectores implicados.

"I can’t remember being taught much grammar until I took a course in ‘Use of English’ at 17 years old"

Patrick Mainprize

While I can recall being taught spelling and some punctuation at my primary school, I can’t remember being taught grammar at all.
In fact, I can’t remember being taught much grammar until I took a course in ‘Use of English’ at 17 years old, something the head suggested I did – thank you, Mr Morgan!
Maybe we have a generation of teachers who suffered the same fate, and that is why some teachers lack the confidence when introducing some of the grammar and punctuation concepts now expected at primary school level.

Desde el enlace siguiente tienen acceso el documento final sobre la «I Fase de la Evaluación del Programa Bilingüe de la Comunidad de Madrid».

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Millie Slavidou

Millie is a British writer and translator living and working in Greece. She writes about etymology on Jump! Mag and has published fiction for kids with Jump! Books
Today Millie has suggestions on how to support bilingual children, particularly in the tween and teenage years. This is a tricky age to keep them motivated, as they are often immersed in the local majority language, and may not be interested in their minority language.