Madrid, abril de 2020.

Las Sesiones formativas que organiza la ASOCIACIÓN ENSEÑANZA BILINGÜE en el Colegio Oficial de Docentes de Madrid, se están realizando en línea a través de una plataforma virtual.

Jueves 23 de abril de 2020, a las 18:00 horas.   video conferencia

Virginia Vinuesa: Unidades didácticas CLIL. Learning to Plan and Planning to Learn in a CLIL Context.

Planning provides teachers with the necessary information on what needs to be done, how, and when in order to guide their students in their learning process. However, it is not the same to plan for the L1 as for L2 or CLIL.

In this webinar, we will highlight the differences between L1 vs L2 planning and planning for CLIL.

We will go through the challenges both teachers and learners have to face; content and language useful scaffolding strategies, how to develop communication, cognition and critical thinking to finally finish with an example of a CLIL lesson plan.