MacarenaNavarroPablo c

Macarena Navarro Pablo is teacher trainer in Early Childhood and Primary Education teacher ́s degrees at the University of Seville, where she has worked for over 20 years. Her main teaching and research interests include reflection on methods for teaching language skills development, improving language competence, analysis and design of teaching sequences, resources and materials for language teaching.

Her research spans studies of first and second language teaching and learning, bilingual education and biliterate development. She has presented at more than 40 conferences and is the author of different national and international research articles, books and chapters in these fields, among her last publications are The effects of CLIL on L1 learning in monolingual contexts (2020), Analysis of pre-service foreign language teachers’ incorrect articulations: frequency, influence on communication, and a specific corrective strategy (2020), The use of digital resources and materials in and outside the bilingual classroom ( 2019), The biliteracy process in Primary Education: teachers and parents’ perceptions on the use of phonic methods to develop emergent biliteracy skills (2019), and Are CLIL Students More Motivated? An Analysis of Affective Factors and their relation to Language Attainment (2018).